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  • Authentic weapons in fiction

    Bani’s Sword It was very difficult to research the exact type of weapons and armour used in the Old Babylonian period. The weapons wielded by Bani and his Red Swords in Son of Babylon are a blend of two iconic weapons. These are the Egyptian Khopesh, and the Mesopotamian Sickle Sword. Bani’s blade Lion’s Roar…

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  • Old Babylonian Weddings

    Introduction In Son of Babylon, we see an old Babylonian wedding, and the feast following another. In researching this chapter, I leaned heavily on the work of Dr Samuel N Greengus, and his article Greengus, S. “Old Babylonian Marriage Cereminies and Rites.” Journal of Cuneiform Studies 20, no. 2 (1966): 55-72 I will not include…

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  • Does Historical Fiction Need to Educate?

    Introduction Authors of historical fiction have the unique ability to transport us to different eras, making history come alive in ways that textbooks and documentaries often cannot. However, as the popularity of historical fiction grows, so does the debate surrounding the ethical responsibilities of authors in educating their readers versus taking creative liberties with historical…

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